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Adam Carolla, Manny Pacquiao, root cause and reputation management

Posted: April 5th, 2010 | Author: | Filed under: Bitching, Business | Tags: , , | 4 Comments »

Last week, Adam Carolla (comedian) went on a rant about Manny Pacquiao and the Philippines during his popular call-in podcast. Basically, he said the country had nothing going for it no except sex tourism and boxing hero Manny Pacquiao. As expected, Filipinos all over the world are outraged. Even the Philippine presidential spokesman went down low and called him an “ignorant fool“. Wow, a government calling an individual names. Filipino Americans are especially pissed off. There’s even a Facebook page to send Adam chicken bones due to his comment about Manny praying to them.

I understand why people are angry but it’s misdirected. Instead of attacking the symptom (Carolla), try to help solve the cause. It’s easy to create a facebook page and ask people to sign petitions. Where is the same outrage when there’s a kidnapping? They fail to look at the root of the issue. Why does Carolla think these things of the Philippines? He must have got his info from somewhere. He receives his info where most of us get ours…..headlines and conversations. You can’t expect him to know all the great things about the country just like we are not expected to know the great things about other 3rd world countries. I’m sure Ghana has the equivalent of a Philippine Boracay (paradise beach) or Fort Bonifacio (high society area in Metro Manila) but we don’t know. The images in our head are Africans living in poverty wearing American donated clothes from the 80′s.

The Philippine government has to do two things any smart business would do.

#1 – Do a root cause analysis and fix the issue or lessen the impact. The presidential spokesman said that “Pacquiao is a national treasure in the impoverished Philippines, where even Muslim extremists and soldiers silence their guns during his fights.” A guy who punches people in the face is doing the job the government is supposed to do. Why not have him fight every week to stop the war that’s been going on for hundreds of years?

#2 – Once you sold the root cause or even make progress, the government has to do a better job at managing it’s reputation. How do you get counteract Imelda Marcos shoes, poverty and kidnapping? Just google Filipino or Philippines and see what comes up.

If the Philippines was on Yelp, how many stars would it get?

Hmmm, I wonder why people look down on the Philippines?

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While read an article on the Huffington Post, a google ad for Filipinas came up. Duh!

  • Tony Ahn

    While it may be true that the Philippines needs some reputation management, it seems like Adam might need some reputation management too!

  • Tony Ahn

    While it may be true that the Philippines needs some reputation management, it seems like Adam might need some reputation management too!

  • Christian Cabuay

    Not really. That’s what he gets paid to do

  • Christian Cabuay

    Not really. That's what he gets paid to do